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Feature Benefits

  • Centralized collection of applications
  • integrated review process facilitation
  • tracking
  • Funding Opportunity Application Review

    Similar to our Training Opportunity Review module, Research Logix provides a seamless way for you to broadcast research project funding opportunities for your programs. The Project Application Review module is a integrated solution that provides a portal for applicants to view opportunities within your area. Administrators are able to be alerted of new submissions and then stay in contact with the progress of their submission. Parameters can be set to include required references, documents, target dates, and custom fields for data collection purposes.

    Once application acceptance has closed, administrators can easily assign members of their organization to review selected submissions for scoring using an integrated review portal. Reviewers can easily access uploaded documents, view the full submission, and review references. A customizable evaluation form can be used to formalize review questions which makes it easy for administrations to determine the highest quality applicants for acceptance into the program.

    Communication tools are also built into the system to interact with applicants. This can make it easy for training program administrators to easily notify applications of awards.

    We are in the process of creating features to stay in contact with awardees so that they can keep you informed of outcomes of awarded funding including publications, patents, and further research initiatives.

    Research Logix is a Software as a Service (SaaS)
    owned and operated by Adminformatics

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