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Feature Benefits

  • One-Click Data Table Reporting save you and your team days (or months) of work
  • EDGE Library
  • Program Report Cards
  • Program Alignment Sandbox
  • NCI Designated Cancer Center Tracking & Reporting

    Compiling binders worth of information for progress reporting and P30 grant renewals is something that you cannot get away from. However, the collection and reporting process is something that Research Logix can assist you and your administration with.

    Research Logix provides several one click reporting options for you and your team that focus specifically on P30 reporting requirements. From the collection and maintenance of project funding for compiling into the dreaded Data Tables 2A and 2B, to automation of Intra-Programmatic and Inter-Programmatic publication associations, Research Logix was developed to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

    This one-stop-shop provides you and your team access to:

    • Member Statistics
    • Publications by Program and Centerwide
    • Data Tables 1A-1D
    • Data Tables 2A and 2B
    • Program Report Cards
    • Facilitation and identification of Top Publication Selections for Research Programs by Program Leaders
    • Core/Shared Resources Utilization
    • NIH Biosketch Library for Cancer Center Membership
    • Program Alignment Sandbox – planning tool for simulating on-the-fly membership adjustments
    • Research Project Funding Solicitation Tool for acquiring allocation percentages and justification of Cancer Related project funding

    If you are looking for the best solution to keep your data centralized and reporting options to ensure the greatest accuracy, then look no further. Research Logix has you covered.


    CCSG Advisory Board

    Several individuals have contributed to the development and facilitation of this unique module. Their expertise within their respective areas have greatly benefited the tool’s functionality.

      • Rose Russell
        Johns Hopkins University

      • Lisa Campbell
        Johns Hopkins University

      • Gregory Smith
        Johns Hopkins University
        Greg Smith joined the Research Logix advisory panel in 2011. With over 30 years of years of IT experience, Greg serves as a Database Engineer and Full Stack Web Developer. Greg’s primary responsibilities have been to import customer data and report writing. Greg holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

      • Stephanie Papadopoulos
        Johns Hopkins University

    • Linda Langsdale
      Johns Hopkins University
      Linda Langsdale has been with the Research Logix advisory panel since 2017. Linda has worked in an academic medical center for nearly 30 years where she has developed and led an administrative team supporting the efforts of clinical and research faculty. Her primary responsibilities have been to assess faculty profile management data items and communication tools for the platform. Linda has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Heath Science from Towson University.

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