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Data-points Assignment, Identifying Collaborations, Shared Resources Utilization, Trainee / Mentor Co-Authored Paper Identification

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Publications Management

One of the first created features of Research Logix was the management of publications. Publications are the lifeblood of quantifying and qualifying the work of a researcher. The platform contains several features specifically developed to ease the burden of identifying new and existing publications for members within your account. Once indexed within Research Logix, the power of our integrated workflows creates an opportunity to link researchers work together to identify collaborations across your organization.

Our Publications Workspace provides a series process of vetting newly imported publications. Administrations are able to use their existing business processes – whether they be completely controlled by administration or putting it in the hands of identified authors – to answer critical key questions which are assigned as data-points to publications. These data-points provide a new mean to query and report on your publication data, and in turn, provide a powerhouse of metrics to showcase researcher initiatives.

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