Research Logix System Updates (Summer 2022)

We have released the following updates August 25, 2022 for Research Logix (v4.0.2).

  1. Investigatory Profile (Research Tags)
    Research Interests field has been replaced with a tagging system, which will allow better indexing of research focuses. This change will also allow for enhanced reporting for publications, training, and funding.
  2. CCSG Funding Workspace Institutional Source Data Template » New Fields
    Additional fields have been added to the importing template for Institutional source.
    1. Is R01 Equivalent 
    2. Internal Notes

The following RLOGX Known Bugs & Fixes

  1. Increased limits of Session Timeouts
  2. Increased limit of pushing records from Publications Pending Review and Funding Workspace Pending Review from 1K to 2K.


New Resources

As we are pushing out new features, we are gearing up for providing more help resources to navigate the system. For more complex routines, we’ll introduce in-depth video tutorials. Our most recent entry is a video overview of our Training Program module’s Create a Program feature, and integrated tool of quickly adding trainees. 

If interested, please be sure to check that out here

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