RLOGX Funding Workspace Upgrades

When we first implemented our Funding Workspace back in 2017, in the initial launch of Research Logix, we used an existing business workflow that focused on managing funding at the Fiscal Year level. Four years later, as we have grown in our services and community, we have recognized new needs.


To meet the needs across a diverse group of business processes, workflows, and preferences regarding funding management, we will be rolling out an upgrade to the Research Logix Funding Workspace.

What is Changing?

In September, we will be launching the upgrade to the funding workspace. The following features will be included in this next release.

Funding Workspaces

Funding Workspaces have been created so that you can manage funding data the way that you want. Originally, Fiscal Year was used to organize data. After working with groups, we noticed that information was being uploaded and being managed in different ways (quarterly, semi-annually, etc.). The Funding Workspace will allow you to upload and maintain data according to your needs.

Earlier in the Spring 2021, we made modifications to reporting to CCSG to target Workspaces instead of focusing on a specific year. Now that workspaces are in place, any workspace that you create will be available in the dropdown to view specific reporting data.

Funding Workspace Dashboard

A new Funding Workspace Dashboard will provide administration to easily access funding related information.

Funding Dashboard Components:

  1. Funding Workspace
    Information This is the meta-data, or top-level information, about the workspace that you are working on
  2. Imported Batches

    For every workspace, you will be able to associate multiple uploads of data. When working within the workspace, any data uploaded will be linked to the specific workspace that you designate. So, when uploading from NIH Reporter, University Sources, or single manual entries, these will be maintained from Imported Batches.

  3. Delete Workspace

    This is where you can delete an entire workspace. Danger alert! If you delete the workspace entirely, any associated batches will be deleted as well. You will also not be able to run reporting from this workspace data any longer.

  4. Funding Data

    Replacing the original tabs at the top (Pending Review, In RLOGX, and Excluded) this section will allow you to view funds associated within the Pending Review and In RLOGX areas. In RLOGX has been replaced with “Reported Funding”, because these funds are the only items being reported on within the workspace.

    We have also added a quick link to the “Fund Solicitation” tool when you opt to include Investigators for additional input about their associated funding items.

  5. Reporting and Management

    This section will give you direct access to reports related to the Workspace

  6. Additional Data Views

    This section consists of data dumps, an evolving Query Builder (7) tool, and a view of Excluded Funds (8). Excluded Funds are imported funds that you do not want associated with reporting.

New Navigation Tabs

The original tabbed navigation has been condensed to include primary Funding Workspace modules. Consider this quick links to navigate to the most important data areas:

  • Funding Workspace Home
  • Pending Review
  • Reported Funding
  • Data Dump

With this new Funding Workspace infrastructure, we hope that it will improve the way that you are able to interact and manage your data. As users begin using the new features, we anticipate new ways to interact with individual datasets, make comparisons, and create new analysis tools and reporting.

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