New Procedure for Research Logix Feature Requests

Over the past four years, we have received several requests for upgrades and features for the Research Logix platform. Now that the community is growing, we want to make sure that we can address all the needs of the community in a structured way.


The following workflow has been adopted to submit, review, and select NEW features for acceptance into the Research Logix platform. This is only for new feature requests. If you are experiencing a bug or product error, please submit a Request Ticket, and we will immediately review and address the issue.

Research Logix Community

Our new Help Center is equipped with a “Community” forum which will allow users to be able to initiate conversations about the platform. Specifically, there is a section dedicated to Feature Requests. Please use this section to submit your ideas for community review.

Visit the Community

Internal Review

The research and development team of Adminformatics will review threads to identify potential features to be developed. Our review process will identify “up-ticks” and conversations on threads to identify most requested requests. From the hot topics, we will create a voting mechanism to allow users to rate the selected features they wish to see integrated into the platform.

Adminformatics Development

Based on the final votes, Adminformatics will plan for the development of the features. Depending on the complexity of the request, it may take several weeks to create features. Regular product updates will be sent to the community to let them know of the progress of development.


Our primary goal of this workflow is to get the community involved in what features are adopted within the platform. Community participation will guarantee that our end users are directly involved within the platform’s overall development and success.

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