Spring 21 RLOGX Updates - Recap

The following is a listing of updates released to Research Logix production as of May 20th, 2021.

Member Management

  • Password regenerate with optional send

Publication Management

  • New Fields
    • Omitted from programs
    • Referenced Grants
  • Publication Solicitations
    • Introduction of Dynamic Fields for Email
    • Email Previewer
    • Publication Questions Management
      • New Questions
      • Hide Questions
      • Required Questions
    • Publication Workflow Navigation
  • Data Dump
    • Integrated Custom Questions by Account
    • New Fields for Publication Metrics
  • Program Leadership Top Publication Selection
    • Refined workspace with new search capabilities


  • Improvements to Program Sandbox Interface
  • Marking members Assoc/Full
  • New Results Page


  • Report Cards
    • New Options for Reporting
    • Timepoints
    • Member Type Selection

Shared Resources/Cores

  • Ability to Archive unused cores

Funding Management

  • Ability to assign/track funding for Trainees

Training Workspace

  • Trainee Publications Management
    • Importing
    • Identify Trainee and Mentor co-authored publications
  • Trainee Follow-up Utilities
    • Integrated Solicitations to group or individual trainee
    • Integration of Trainee Profile into MyRLOGX (https://my.rlogx.com) – Personal Research Logix dashboard
  • Other Management
    • Create/Edit New Training Programs


  • Updated format to match NIH Format (OMB No. 0925-0001 and 0925-0002)
  • New “Customized” section to allow for more dynamic content
  • Preparation for EDGE document to generate “Other Support” document
    (beta release: Summer ’21)


  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Tweaks to Interface

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