What is the Research Logix Difference?

Research Logix aims to provide an all-in-one solution for common problems and issues that Research Administrators and Training Program Coordinators face.


Without Research Logix

With Research Logix

Investigator Management
  • Silos of information that are managed by individual users
  • No data connectivity to identify links between shared research
  • Inability to report universally
  • Researcher data connections
  • Online profile management by administration, support staff, and individual researchers
Trainee Follow-up
  • Users will search profile websites (Linked In, Institutional Profiles, Facebook) to find out what trainees are up to. Then enter that information into spreadsheets
  • Email solicitations that may or may not receive feedback
  • Trainees are provided a personal portal where they can record their information (Career updates, achievements, publications, volunteering, etc.)
  • Integrated solicitation tool to invite them to enter information that gets fed directly to the system for view by administrators
  • Ability to query and report data
Biosketch Management
  • Word-based template
  • Static and requires updates to the template regularly
  • Inconsistency in formatting of document and document type (PDF, Word)
  • Stored on shared drives and inaccessible to people who request updated versions
  • Integrated document generator
  • Allows users to manage items to be applied to a document
  • Data-mining capabilities
  • Auto template formatting and reproduction
  • Shareable and accessible to administrators and others who request them
Publication Management
  • Manual curation and entry into static documents (Word, Excel)
  • Ineffective reporting
  • Draws information directly from government sources (PubMed)
  • Auto-importing of new publications on daily basis
  • Updates are applied when there are changes to the publication (PMCID, E-Print to Print, etc)
  • Linked to authors and allow for collaboration identification
  • Ability to assign additional data-points such as Shared Resources utilization, Account-specific questions that can be managed by account holders
  • Manual from multiple sources
  • Centralized reporting capabilities
  • Investigator data is connected to all collected information and assigned to the profile.
  • Reporting can be performed by investigator, linked administrative accounts, etc.
Training Program Coordination
  • Disconnected application process for new training opportunities
  • Manual Review process and outcomes reporting
  • Email driven
  • Integrated Training Application Process
  • Integrated Review Process to accept/reject application submissions
  • Outcomes of review
  • Outcomes and tracking of students after they leave the program
Project Funding Coordination
  • Manual Review and Outcomes reporting
  • Email driven
  • Same as Training Program, but focused on Research Project Funding Opportunities
Data Pushes
  • None
  • Research Logix data is able to be exported in various formats
  • Integrated API to feed Investigator data to sources via JSON format for integration into public websites (WordPress)

Research Logix is a Software as a Service (SaaS)
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