Find answers to common questions about Research Logix.

What type of technical support and training is available for Research Logix users?

At Research Logix, we pride ourselves on our quality customer support. When onboarding to the platform, we will conduct regular meetings and trainings to get you and your administrative team acclimated. As a part of our Customer Success Program, we can continue bi-weekly meetings to discuss system needs and regular trainings.

If system issues occur, we will address issues in a timely manner. System issues should be reported to us using our help desk, https://help.rlogx.com 

Can Research Logix integrate with other existing software systems we use?

We want you to get the most of our Research Logix, so we are always willing to see how we can connect to your existing systems. Generally, systems that are capable of connecting via API’s can be connected to Research Logix. If you have a need to connect your existing system(s) to Research Logix, please reach out, and we can investigate next steps on getting things connected.

How does Research Logix ensure the privacy and security of sensitive data?

Research Logix is encrypted and securely backed up regularly. We take your data, and its protection, very seriously. Research Logix connects publicly held data. We do not collect information including PHI, PII, or personal financial information. 

Is Research Logix customizable to fit the specific needs of my organization?

There are several features within Research Logix that allow you to manage the data that you want to collect. Custom Properties are available for our users, publications, and grants & funding modules. If there is a specific need that we cannot address globally, we’d be happy to discuss an opportunity to build ancillary modules that can be assigned specifically for your account.

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