Researcher Data Collection... Simplified Researcher Data Collection... Simplified

Researcher Data Collection... Simplified

Collecting and maintaining information on research personnel is difficult. It requires time and energy that administrations seldom have the time for. Research Logix provides the tools needed to eliminate manual processes and improves efficiency and accuracy in data collection for investigators and students in the scientific research field.

Researcher Data Collection... Simplified

Data Collection, Curation, and Management

Research Logix was built from the ground up with researchers in mind. Administrations generally struggle with maintaining researcher related information in a consistent way. Eliminate the “Islands of information” that are created when maintaining information on Excel Sheets and individually managed databases. This platform was developed to create a CENTRALIZED SOLUTION to maintaining critical researcher information.

A CRM Built for Researchers

Researcher Profile Management

Collect, maintain, and report on information about researchers in your programs or service. Manage data including contact information, education, demographics, appointments, and custom "Tags" for organizing your members.

Publications Management

Tap into resources to easily collect publications authored by investigators in your account. Then use included tools to acquire additional information for reporting and anaylsis.

NIH Biosketch Management

Use the acquired information from your investigators to seamlessly recreate CV's and Biosketches with just a few clicks by using our EDGE platform.

Research Logix Add On Modules

The Research Logix platform comes equipped with tools to assist your administration in managing researcher information. We also provide add on services which extend the platform’s capabilities to support you and your team in more ways.

Training Program Management

Struggling to acquire trainee career progression? The RLOGX Training Program Management module packages several tools to keep you connected with trainees while participating in and after leaving training programs.

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NCI Designated Cancer Center Tracking & Reporting

Research Logix provides several one click reporting options for you and your team that focus specifically on P30 reporting requirements. From the collection and maintenance of project funding for compiling into the dreaded Data Tables 2A and 2B, to automation of Intra-Programmatic and Inter-Programmatic publication associations, Research Logix was developed to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

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Data Integration

Research Logix allows you to control your information in one place and deploy to many. This keeps things manageable and consistent.

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Trainee Application Review

All in one facilitation of training application collection and review

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Funding Opportunity Application Review

All in one facilitation of project funding opportunity application collection and review

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Research Logix Administrator Tools

The Research Logix administrative dashboard gives you quick access to all of the integrated tools for your account. Manage members, publications, funding, access reports, and more.

Research Logix offers a centralized tool to manage your Training Programs. Include profiles as trainees or mentors. Once included, RLOGX will automatically collect publication data, and link directly to the Researcher’s profile. This link will allow administrators to connect and collect new information about how the investigator is growing in their career.

Every Research Logix profile has access to use EDGE – our integrated Biosketch and CV generator. Researchers and Administrators alike now do not have to worry about specific formatting of NIH Biosketches. Utilities are provided to allow users to select from EDGE Doc Items within the sections of the Biosketch. Research Logix automatically formats with the latest, approved format per NIH Guidelines.

One of our most used tools is the Publications Workspace. This utility allows for administrators to add additional data points for every publication that is collected. This feature is used by Shared Resources Managers to collect information about research projects and publications that have used their cores. These data points are then used to create powerful reporting for Shared Resource Usage.

Training Programs
Shared Resources

Research Logix is used by several institutions and research-based organizations.

For nearly 20 years, Adminformatics has served a broad range of administrations in the areas of research administration, cancer research, healthcare, education, and non-profit organizations. Whatever your business, we are in the business to keep your operations running smoothly in form of enterprise and custom web-based solutions for administrations of all kinds. Research Logix was built as a solution to assist with the complexities of maintaining researcher profiles and cataloging the important work and accomplishments during their careers. Very often organizations are tasked with providing these outcomes in various formats which can be cumbersome and painstaking. Taking what was learned in working with several organizations, and meeting the day-to-day needs of data capture and reporting, Research Logix was developed to provide a single solution to not only maintain data, but also to provide “best practices” to optimize your administration’s time and efficiency. At Adminformatics, we are dedicated to providing organizations top notch service that is unparalleled in our industry. We look forward to serving you and your organization through the Research Logix platform.

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