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The Research Logix Advantage

Research Logix aims to provide tools for the research community. Our data-centric environments demand a way for us to connect our data while also providing ease of use and access for our administrations fellow investigators to connect to better achieve our goals and research objectives. Here are just some of the tools that Research Logix can provide to you:

Administrative Features

Publications Management

Import publications directly from PubMed. Integrated workflows allow you to request additional information and track responses from your researchers with a push of a button.

Biosketch/CV Generator (EDGE)

Capture information such as Education, Personal Statements, Contributions to Science, etc. EDGE allows you to apply items to easily generate, and maintain documents including the NIH Biosketch. Updates made to the template will be reflected on all documents for your researchers.

Project Review

Take advantage of the Research Logix framework to assist in the management of research project application and idea refinement via Internal Review. Processes from leading Research Institutions have aligned internal review using core components managed through Research Logix.

Member Management

Track your members easily in the Member Console. Control publication import settings, position/rank history, and more. Assignments to your members will provide dynamic reporting opportunities.


Powerful reporting options are available to you and your administration. Collaboration metrics among your defined "tags" (account based categories), member directories... Custom reporting is also available upon request to meet additional needs.

For Researchers

Research Profile

Research Logix provides a “virtual” profile that allows you to connect with your administrations and other researchers. Setup takes less than a minute. Once established, your profile can be used to access tools across the Research Logix Platform.


Set Research Objectives, apply for project & training opportunities, and enter a social network of other researchers to collaborate and achieve your research goals.

Research Logix Focal Points


Our core systems aim to keep your administration and investigator data organized. Centralized data is paramount.


Integrated system features replace manual tedious processes with powerful one-click solutions.


Your organization depends on effective communication across numerous divisions and operations. Our systems are built promote communication.


Research and Training require a cohesive community. Research Logix provides an online environment to promote and encourage growth of a healthy community to achieve great things.

Current Subscribers

We are assisting administrations within these fine institutions.


Research Logix is a "Software as a Service" (SAAS) web-based platform. Once your account has been created, you will be able to log in using your personalized credentials.

Since this is a web-based platform, there is no need to install any software onto your devices. If you are comfortable using a web-browser, you'll be able to easily use Research Logix.

Administrators are able to create and maintain researcher profiles that area assigned to an administrative account. Personal profiles are able to be maintained by the researcher, and automatically are reflected across all accounts.

Our top priority is to get you and your administration running in the shortest time possible. We will work carefully with you to migrate your data from your existing system to be used within Research Logix.

During the on-boarding process, we will work with you and your administration in planning a successful rollout to your organization. In this phase, we will also work to identify new ways that Research Logix can be used to assist you in day to day workflows and processes.

Research Logix is offered as an annual subscription. Please schedule a discussion with us so we can provide you an estimate of cost for your organization.

Research Logix does have the capability for customization. We have included necessary tools and canned reports to get you started -right out of the box. If there is a report or business procedure that you would like to have included in your administrative account, please let us know.

Message from Adminformatics

Jeremy Gregory
Founder & CEO
Adminformatics, LLC

For nearly 20 years, Adminformatics has served a broad range of administrations in the areas of research administration, cancer research, healthcare, education, and non-profit organizations. Whatever your business, we are in the business to keep your operations running smoothly in form of enterprise and custom web-based solutions for administrations of all kinds.

Research Logix was built as a solution to assist with the complexities of maintaining researcher profiles and cataloging the important work and accomplishments during their careers. Very often organizations are tasked with providing these outcomes in various formats which can be cumbersome and painstaking. Taking what was learned in working with several organizations, and meeting the day-to-day needs of data capture and reporting, Research Logix  was developed to provide a single solution to not only maintain data, but also to provide “best practices” to optimize your administration’s time and efficiency.

At Adminformatics, we are dedicated to providing organizations top notch service that is unparalleled in our industry. We look forward to serving you and your organization through the Research Logix platform.

Jeremy Gregory
Adminformatics, LLC

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